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How are we to survive authoritarian restraints and social isolation?


Before we decide on survival and what to do, the fact is, we now have time to develop our inner potentials, talents and abilities – whatever that may mean. For many, our current life situation in most part is likened to that of a monk living in a cave in the mountains or a nun in a monastery.

What do monks and nuns isolate themselves for?

They do it to place direct attention on discovering the Source of life and creation and how that discovery enhances the life they live.

What happens when the attention is turned within, beyond, to the Source of life & creation?

In this process, this change of directed attention, what is discovered is that there are various obstructions to the choice to look within. One of the main obstructions is the irregular, erratic behaviour in the workings of the mind. Some describe this as inability to concentrate, to focus, but there are many other obstructions and interpretations for the mind’s behaviour.

So what do we tend to do?

We either become agitated & frustrated, suffering from our inability to turn within constructively, or, or in addition, go on the outer amusement path such as binge watching TV, internet, or a thousand other activities.

In short, we waste our isolation and introspection opportunity.


We could do something constructive, something called “inner work” so as to be so much more efficient and competent when we are released from isolation on the outside.

Whatever we believe the reasons for our current isolation are, what remains is that there is an opportunity to do something useful to develop a talent, some improvement in individual character, on the inside of our being. We have a perfect opportunity, right now, to do that.

And if not?

The alternative to initiative development on the inside is to be passive to a continual breakdown and eventual depression on our ‘inside’ which matches the imposed breakdown in our world ‘outside’.

Few of us perhaps think that our current isolation is an opportunity, but we could see the opportunity if we choose to see it.
What can we do? We can choose to develop a really valuable talent, something which certain people locked themselves away in isolation, historically, in order to develop. We can …

Learn to Meditate | Study our Mind and Soul

What for?

We usually, and genuinely, expect that our mind & mental capacities will cope with the ongoing ‘acceleration of response capacity’ to which we are exposed; especially post-confinement. Right?

What happens if we are confined, possibly indefinitely, in some way or another? Even in a so-called free society, we could be confined by some real or arbitrary government fiat, or suppression order. We could be confined due to no work or income source. We could be confined because of ill-health. We could be confined indefinitely for many reasons, or even ‘no reason at all’ by some outer authority or environmental condition.

What happens if the world has changed, never to return to so-called ‘normal life’ as we knew it? What happens if our current isolation continues sporadically, or goes on for years, or even lasts for the remainder of our natural life?

What is certain?

On our inside we all tend to think we can ‘think’. And we think we can meditate in some way. We’ve had a go at thinking through a mental problem (even if only a crossword puzzle). We likely have been invited to, or even tried to, practice something like concentration, meditation contemplation, or perhaps active conscious relaxation.

What happens in the Mind?

How well do we do at even mental arithmetic? How well do we do at mentally identifying all the things to put in a suitcase for a month’s holiday without having to look through our wardrobe as a prompt for what to take? These are simple mental activities.

A more difficult mental activity might be what to do about an increasing level of psychological depression when we are not allowed to leave our house or visit our friends some distance away. What happens in our mind when we begin to feel depressed? How do we manage this feeling? Do we know what to do, or do we tend to drown or drug it away. Do we reach out for professional help? Do we turn within negatively and wallow in our unhappy world? Or do we turn within and aim at the discovery of the gross material or psychological source of our problem? Questions and more questions…!

In today’s world we tend to go outside for help. We look to scientific discovery, so-called expert advice, synthetic pharmaceutical cures, technological innovation and discovery. But this outside way is not the only way, and it wasn’t the way of the wise in our ancient past.

There is also an inner way, a way of the mind and soul and spirit. Today, competency in practical Meditation is essential, more so than ever before, in maintaining even basic mental health. For those who would like to learn or enhance their ability, Malcolm has a number of options and opportunities. Browse this site and consider what could be a positive active next step in your individual development. Let go of the passive ways, and of wasting this time of forced outside isolation. Turn within and act back upon the mental and psychological resistances and inertias which you have never before had time to overcome. Now is the time.

Some Questions

In our period of isolation today, would you like to:-

    • transcend an old or outmoded way of thinking & feeling and explore a new way
    • embody and value a variety of meditation approaches & methods, Eastern & Western in origin?
    • rationalise, compare & articulate coolly, quietly, quickly in the mind
    • feel more depth of feeling association in the mind & heart?
    • initiate intelligent change in the mind’s function?
    • consider holistically using a little of your spare time to best advantage
    • perceive, know & balance how your mind works?
    • commit to a true life-enhancing personal discipline?
    • gain insight & wisdom into deeper practices & reflexive self-consciousness?
    • test what it’s like to experience clarity, space and freedom in the mind
    • organise the mind harmoniously, step by step?
    • let go of, or solve, certain mental states & individual problems?
    • develop a genuine life talent of true practical importance
    • receive some help from an experienced, competent teacher?

Something here for you?

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