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Edinburgh, UK

Malcolm H Clark | Meditation Consultancy
Eastern and Western Traditions
Edinburgh, UK

Bringing Meditation, Mindfulness & important health benefits to the Minds & Hearts of all

Meditation Competency | Meditation Excellence

” We are to genuinely expect that our mind & mental capacities will cope with the ongoing acceleration of response capacity we are exposed. “

” We are not ‘given’ our mental abilities, rather inherit a ‘potential’. We are then required to ‘build’ an organ of thought. Learning by rote and regurgitating, is not thinking. We all tend to think we can think. And we think we can meditate. Mostly it is not so. “

” Competency in practical Meditation is essential today, more than ever before, in maintaining basic mental health. “

Would you like:-

  1. organised harmony, step by step?
  2. a cool, quiet, quick mind & to know how the Mind works?
  3. more depth of feeling association in the Mind?
  4. to initiate intelligent change in the Mind’s function?
  5. practical tried & true Meditation fundamentals?
  6. to apply a variety Meditation approaches & methods, East & West?
  7. to have commitment to a life-enhancing true personal discipline?
  8. insights into deeper practices & Reflexive Self-Consciousness?
  9. to learn & practice the ‘full’ Mindfulness technique?
  10. private tuition or an organised group?
  11. to learn modes of approach to solving certain individual problems?
  12. help from an experienced, competent teacher?