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Malcolm H Clark

Meditation | Yoga | Spiritual Metaphysics


Western  &  Eastern


Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia, 2024

Malcolm H Clark

Meditation | Yoga | Spiritual Metaphysics

Eastern and Western Traditions

Techniques in Applied Self-Understanding and Reflexive Self-Consciousness

2024 Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia

Professional Development

Meditation Workshops & Studies

Reflexive Self-Consciousness methods & techniques

Northern Rivers, New South Wales and Southern Queensland, 2024

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Some Questions

Would you like to:-

    • transcend an old or outmoded way of thinking & feeling and explore a new way
    • embody and value a variety of meditation approaches & methods, Eastern & Western in origin?
    • rationalise, compare & articulate coolly, quietly, quickly in the mind
    • feel more depth of feeling association in the mind & heart?
    • initiate intelligent change in the mind’s function?
    • consider holistically using a little of your spare time to best advantage
    • perceive, know & balance how your mind works?
    • commit to a true life-enhancing personal discipline?
    • gain insight & wisdom into deeper practices & reflexive self-consciousness?
    • test what it’s like to experience clarity, space and freedom in the mind
    • organise the mind harmoniously, step by step?
    • let go of, or solve, certain mental states & individual problems?
    • develop a genuine life talent of true practical importance
    • receive some help from an experienced, competent teacher?

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Personal Consultations by Phone, Skype or Zoom

If you would like to remain at home and would still like to have a Meditation Consultation, please use the Contact Page to make a request.

You can call me or Skype/Zoom at a mutually agreed time and I will work with you One to One over the phone or internet. It’s just as good and you can enjoy the consultation in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be ‘on the phone or internet’.