It is the Individual being, the individual self who is the meditator. The ‘meditator’ is not a group. To meditate we are to initially identify as an individual. Groups of meditators are made up of individuals.

So what is an appropriate limit to application for the term ‘individual’?

The individual self is simply a motion complex in infinity. As every vortex (rotation of forces) necessarily has an “empty” centre, it follows that every finite being has in it a centre of highest sensitivity, a centre of perfect balance, able to respond to the motions of the transcendent forces beyond the rotation. This centre of highest sensitivity in the individual is the source of true conscience in the individual, and is what is called the still centre, which in some traditions has a speaking function described as “the still small voice”, the voice that speaks only of what is the ‘fact’. From this fact the individual chooses what orientational direction to go in.

We can say that the Individual is a motion complex able to choose and orientate from its own centre, which centre is correspondent with the transcendent forces of infinity beyond the individual rotation.

The aim of individual Meditation is to discover stage by stage the centre of highest sensitivity within the individual. Through the discovery stages an integration of the individual takes place.