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Meditation Lecture Series

Meditation Lecture Series

The following Lecture Series is to give Meditation insights, methodology, and some practical experience with respect to the Lecture Topic.

Each lecture, within time constraints, will present

  • some theoretical background to the Topic,
  • offer some of many viable meditation methods, and
  • offer one or a number of practical meditation exercises for individual application
  • some lectures may be followed by longer specific Courses for interested individuals.

Practical Meditation

The overall emphasis will be on Practical Meditation.

The Lecture Topics can be found today in numerous places – in institutions, libraries and on the Internet – and much has been written and presented on each throughout history.

The general purpose of the Lecture Series will be to show how to apply Practical Meditation Techniques within the various spiritual, philosophic, religious, metaphysical, and artistic traditions.

Practice Aim

The aim of “Practice” is to enable the individual to

  1. choose an idea or concept,
  2. apply an aspect of meditation practice to the idea or concept, and to
  3. notice the feeling change within their own being as a result of the practice.

If practice is conducted correctly, the individual is enabled to not only interpret the teaching in the light of their own life experience, but importantly to embody the teaching in practical living.


Each Topic title below is to be preceded with the terms “Meditational Practices in… “

Each topic is followed by its generally known original geographical location in the world.

As we know these teachings and traditions have spread across the world, particularly in the recent 60 years. We would all do well to understand something, be able to meditate upon, and practice something from these various Source traditions. Each lecture in this series offers a 90 minute practical introduction to the Topic.


  1. Eastern and Western Meditation – how East and West are different psychologically
  2. Means to Knowing, Consciousness, The Self, and Reflexive Self-Consciousness – Samadhic Contemplation – India
  3. Psychology of Planetary Significances – alchemy & astrology – Europe
  4. The Zodiac – Babylonia & Europe
  5. The Tarot – Europe
  6. The Buddhist Wheel of Life – India
  7. The Chinese I Ching – China
  8. The Bhagavad-Gita – India
  9. Samkhya Yoga – the philosophy of Samkhya as philosophy of Yoga – India
  10. Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Raja Yoga (Yoga of Kings) – Ashtanga Sadhana
  11. Hatha Yoga Technique – Saptanga Sadhana – India
  12. The Structure of the Soul/Psyche – Europe & India
  13. Psychology of Male Female Polarisation – Europe
  14. Hierarchy in Levels of Being – Europe & India
  15. The Chakras – India
  16. Shakespeare’s Graces and Vices of the King – England



Malcolm H Clark has been researching, studying, and practising meditation insights, methods and applications of these Topics since the early 1980s. He has shared and taught over 20,000 studio hours of these disciplines to students in his school and around the world in the past 20 years. He was the founder and director of the Melbourne Yoga and Meditation Centre in Australia, and now lives and teaches privately, and in small groups, in Edinburgh, UK.