Meditation Styles

Meditation Styles & Mindfulness Method

Styles of Meditation offered include Eastern Mind, Western Mind, Physical Body, Emotional Balance, Pure Mind, Samadhic Contemplation & many Integrated approaches which become available when your experience has developed.

Meditation – East & West

Eastern & Western styles of Meditation are different. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to discover meaning in our mind and to balance the mind’s content in the most efficient way. We then move on to Contemplation (a stage beyond meditation), which at its top level is formless and silent.

Eastern Mind Meditation

This style of Meditation is very well suited to beginners. It aims at bringing stability of awareness with the physical body as centre of the psyche. It’s for introspective and earthy people, and an excellent place to begin for anyone starting out with Meditation.

Western Mind Meditation

This style of Meditation is for the very busy mind. It aims at logical integration prior to stillness. It’s for strong personalities and people whose minds are very active, and required to be so in their life and work.

Physical Body Focus Meditation

This style of Meditation is for people who are often too much in the mind and need to withdraw into the physical body to stabilise first. It’s the best way to begin for everyone, and is the most efficient method for beginners. It’s primarily for beginner meditators and people just starting out with meditation. A grounded start is your foundation.

Emotional Balance Meditation

This style of Meditation is for people who are extra sensitive and open to emotional imbalance. It aims at psychological calmness and emotional equilibration. It’s effective in soothing and resolving states like anger, frustration, sadness, trauma, and anxiety. Emotional Balance Meditation for sensitive personalities and people who are subject to being upset emotionally.

Pure Mind Meditation

This style of Meditation is for those who are already well-versed in their mind’s peculiarities. It aims at purifying the mental content and the inner motivation. It’s for subtle people who understand the gentle and various nuances of mental activity and are focussed on resolving intricate mental modifications. This method is advanced and not for the beginner meditator.

Samadhic Contemplation

This style of Meditation is for those who are ready to step beyond the mind and into the very essence of Contemplative awareness. It aims at what is called Reflexive Self-consciousness, a state of transcendent awareness which is the culmination of all meditation procedures, and experienced as pure bliss. It’s for people who have the energy & mental integration to apply the simple rule which is at its basis. It is advanced and not suitable for a beginner meditator.

Unsure ?

If you are completely unsure where to begin, please ask.

Mindfulness Method

Although Mindfulness, as popularly taught today, is not a Meditation style in itself, it is a useful discipline in ‘concentration’, and we offer it for those who would like to experience its benefits. The full Buddhist practice of Mindfulness as issued by Gautama Buddha, with everything included, is a complete discipline, but the modern cut-down form is not true Meditation as such. 

The Mindfulness Method is a worthwhile practice with which to start a meditation journey. It teaches focus of attention in the most basic way,

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