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Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy

A Special Meditation Therapy to release Consciousness from modified states (physical, emotional, mental, egoic) & bring it fully into the wise, infinite present.

Some areas of consultation and assistance for MEDITATION THERAPY might include:

  • Finding the real cause of a mental or psychological misalignment, and overcoming it.
  • Balancing relationships involving yourself & others
  • Depression recovery
  • Resolving Deep Stress & Anxiety
  • Treating Severe Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Treating Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Diagnosing & recovering from Deep Anger issues & disconnect situations

Ask for more information and relevance to you personally if you are not sure

What is Meditation Therapy ?
How does it work ?


Meditation Therapy

Meditation is a mental process which aims at clarity & efficiency of mind. Meditation Therapy begins with a diagnosis of a particular mind limitation and then applying a specific meditation form & discipline for the recovery process.


Diagnosis begins firstly with the client/patient sharing what their concern or limitation is – physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. The particular psychological bias of the person is then diagnosed, either Eastern or Western. East or West has nothing to do with the particular place of birth, national background or genetic makeup of the person. Some people born into Eastern cultures and families have a Western psyche, and vice versa. The type of psyche will determine which meditation style or technique best suits their therapeutic aim, and also how successful meditation therapy will be for them in the interim term.

Meditation Design or Allocation

Following diagnosis a particular meditation technique is then designed or allocated, a form & technique for the client/patient is issued and demonstrated, and a meditation practice schedule is indicated. The schedule may apply over several weeks or even months until the result is attained. There is an ongoing therapist/client liaison and check-in to ensure that the particular Meditation Therapy is working, and whether a modification in technique is required as progress is achieved.

What is Meditation Therapy for?

Meditation Therapy may be applied safely for many modern mental and psychological concerns; depression, anxiety, stress, attention deficit disorders, confusion, trauma and post trauma, eating disorders, injury, and many more. Ask prior to an appointment if you are unsure as to its relevant application.

Double Edged Benefit of Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy has a double edged benefit for the client/patient; firstly that they recover from the particular mental and psychological difficulties, and secondly that they learn a personal style of Meditation as a lifelong health-improving and health-maintenance benefit.