Private Consultation

Concentration | Mindfulness | Meditation | Reflexivity | Problem Solving | Therapeutic

A number of focus areas might be considered when booking a Private Appointment. Below are some general focus areas which many people choose from at the time of booking, either several, or just one, or some other area of enquiry. Whatever you wish to work on and develop, please state that when placing a booking on the Contact page. If you are unsure, just mention that also and we can clarify as we go at the appointment.

  • Meditation Tuition – as a Course, or One by One casual appointments as you choose
  • Selecting and Developing one of the particular Meditation Styles.
  • Stress Management – Individual assessment and personalised Meditation technique issued
  • Problem Solving – individual & associate
  • Learning the 3 lesson Mindfulness Method – one of many preparatory stages in Meditation procedure.
  • Concentration Solutions – so much mental inefficiency is caused by a lack of Concentration ability
  • Therapeutic Meditation techniques – individual
  • Reflexivity & No-Mind – going beyond the mind – for the Experienced Meditator

Tuition is through Private Lessons, or in a small organised Group, Private or Corporate