Strangely perhaps for the Beginner, the very best Resource for a sincere Meditation practitioner is an active, precise, clear, conscious vocabulary. Likewise if we are making a Study of a new text with new or unclear vocabulary, a good etymological dictionary is essential.

The Mind is furnished with forms, each with a name & corresponding word.

We Do NOT define things & forms – they are already defined in themselves.
What we DO define is the ‘limits to application of terms’ which apply to things, forms, events and relations.

Where terms are accurate we are able to successfully integrate & thus control the Mind’s contents.

An active precise, clear, conscious vocabulary is essential to Meditation and any Study discipline.

To assist with this in the initial stages we have a short Glossary of starting terms to assist our vocabulary with Meditation practice. As we extend our practice, we must also extend our vocabulary of terms and significances to match our practice experience.