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Spiritual Psychology Consultation

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is the understanding of The Structure of the Psyche combined with a depth understanding of Spiritual Traditions.

Spiritual Psychology is the process of reuniting the Individual Spirit, called the Soul, with its infinite Source.

Why Reunite?

The Soul may identify with many partials, see itself only through that with which it identifies, less than its wholeness.

Spiritual Psychology is the method of releasing identification with partial awareness, allowing the Soul to return to whole relation with its Infinite Source.

What is the Soul’s Infinite Source?

‘Infinite Source’ is defined by Scientific minds as ‘the Universe’ or ‘universal substance’, by Philosophers as ‘The Non-dual Absolute’, by Religionists & yogis as ‘God’, by Artists as ‘Divine inspiration’, by what we mean here as ‘Spirit’. Whatever the concept of the Infinite Source, Spiritual Psychology is re-union of the individual Spirit or Soul with its Infinite Source, the Absolute Infinite Spirit.

What is Spirit?

Spirit is the first cause of all we see, and feel, and do. Spirit consists of Will & Consciousness. A great spiritual teacher says the Spirit blows where it lists.. so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

What is Psychology?

The term “psyche” is the Greek for ‘Soul’ and means ‘life, breath’ and ‘to blow, breathe’.
The term Psychology means logos, or rationalization, about the Soul.

What is the Purpose of a Spiritual Psychology Consultation?

The purpose of a Spiritual Psychology Consultation is to discuss & bring into association the Psyche with the Spirit, and then to consider how the Psyche may work to govern the Mind & the Body in practice. Much of a Consultation may involve finding & becoming enlightened about the diversions & blockages in the relation.

At the very centre of a being is the Spirit, and where the Spirit meets the Soul is a relation. If this relation is understood and activated, the outer egoic, mental & physical body relations will have a Spiritual foundation. The Spiritual foundation for a life is the most important in the whole view and actualisation of a being. Lose the Spirit & life becomes mechanical and ultimately a wasteland.

For some people, for some time in life, the loss of a Spiritual foundation to conscious living may seem of little or no account. But the relation is significant and either the Soul finds and builds this relation in life, or delays to the very end where death resolves the loss.

Today we are seeing a great divide between individuals who heed the Spirit, and those who do not.

Here we are offering assistance for individuals who are seeking psychological help at the level of Spiritual Psychology.