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About Malcolm

Malcolm has always maintained that what he teaches is Art. Art in it’s wider definition is “the articulation of forces, feelings and forms”.

  • Forces are energies and impulses to action and creativity.
  • Feelings are the zones of influence of forces and emotions.
  • Forms are ideas, concepts, systems and rational processes which show how Forces and Functions are operating.
  • Forces, Functions and Forms when integrated to the highest degree become the highest Art 

Malcolm lives near Edinburgh Scotland and works across United Kingdom. He’s been teaching Meditation, Yoga and Metaphysics along with the associated Practices, Arts and Study disciplines, almost full time, since 1984. Among many interests, Malcolm is a long time practitioner of Classical Yoga and the many Meditation methods therein. He teaches the philosophic and hermeneutic background to the Yoga and Meditation traditions, both East and West.

As the founder and director of Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre in Australia since 2001, he has in addition travelled, lived, studied and taught in both North & South America, U.K. & Europe, India and East Asia. Apart from teaching over 20,000 professional studio class hours of Yoga, Meditation and the philosophies which back them, he also shares deeper metaphysical insights about Reflexive Self-consciousness, or Samadhic Contemplation as it is called in the East, from which he has developed countless meditation methods and practical disciplines.

With a deep study and understanding of the background ideas, the deeper motives and disciplines behind the world’s practical Yoga & Meditation traditions, the practitioner will develop a true spiritual discipline, and attain significant value. A competent and lasting individual practice is founded on a genuine clear understanding of true ideas, depth of feeling, and good will.

About Individual Meditation

An understanding of the ‘Individual’, what is individuality, and what are individual responsibilities also lies at the basis of Malcolm’s work, especially in a world today where the province of the individual is being passed over to, or invaded by, outer authorities. As the individual surrenders responsibility & choice, voluntarily or by theft, a more mundane and less artistic and interesting world becomes apparent. 

Malcolm sees the current breakdown of many cultures; organically, socially, mentally, psychologically and spiritually as a function of a loss of ‘individual integration’. Our world seems to be decaying as many individual responsibilities and freedoms pass over to other authorities. The individual seems less able to deal with even minor problems and situations. To remedy this he believes we need to work first at the individual level. “Charity begins at home”, and individual responsibility for improving physical, mental and psychological health is the first step.

We can no longer ‘pass the buck’ to external conditions, authorities and organisations, and then blame those others for our plight. The regular practice by the individual of a variety of Meditation disciplines for stable mental health, and to take up a useful personal Study regime aimed at integration, is more important today than at any time in the past.

About Problems

One of Malcolm’s interests is in practical problem solving. He enjoys hearing from people about resistances and difficulties which are experienced in the yoga and meditation fields, and being able to solve these to the satisfaction of his clients.

In life, we all like to see something of the ‘big picture’, the ‘full context’ of the events and relationships in which we are involved. We all like to feel fully competent in what we undergo. No-one likes to be told that they are ‘not thinking clearly’, are ‘too distracted’, are ‘too slow in completing a task’, are ‘failing to concentrate’, are ‘too emotional’, ‘too aggressive’, and so on. No-one likes to be ‘falling asleep’, ‘slipping backwards’ behind their fellows, and ‘failing in their responsibilities’ at work or elsewhere. An understanding of, and ‘practice ability’ in, both Eastern and Western styles of Meditation can and does remedy many of these shortcomings and many other problems as well. The remedy starts on the inside with quality Meditation.

About an IDEAL

Despite a common view to the contrary, many people live their lives on the basis of some deep ‘IDEAL’; their ideal forming a framework or pattern upon which life is lived. We are not here referring to merely the daily or weekly routine. It’s also not merely a political, economic or social bias, a personal bias or mass cultural response. The IDEAL we are referring to is a mnemic pattern, retained memory in our substance, which has been passed to us from our ancestors. It is a pattern of response capacity and is mostly unconscious. We could say it is a personal instinct to behave very like our parents and their parents did. As the world, and required ‘response-capacity to change’, accelerates, the individual seeking to grow and respond more adequately may attempt to disband or break the old inadequate framework, the old IDEAL. It is here where individual problems arise.

We cannot merely rely on our ancestral tendencies to be adequate to new and varied conditions. We also cannot require outer authorities to give us our individual ideals and values, and then for us to ‘follow the leader’. We are required to build an organ of thought, clarify our IDEAL or pattern, regularly update and improve it, and decide for ourselves what is placed in our mind and how we are to function best in response to our quickly changing world. Most of all we are required to bring our IDEAL into conformity with total reality, so that we are able to respond adequately to any situation, in any world. This is a very high IDEAL but worthy of our effort.

Some might say that ‘individual choice’ and ‘self-responsible activity’ leads to social, economic and political anarchy, but the alternative, as shown throughout human history, is infinitely worse. We are not encouraging the ‘every man for himself’ attitude. We are aiming at ‘perfect internal integration’, able to respond adequately to any imbalance. We are to then step this up to the next level, that of ‘creative initiative’ and ‘creative inspiration’. Every true artist knows this process well. As we begin or resume our development, individual integration and problem solving begins with individual responsibility – being called to account for our choices and actions. We need effective personal disciplines to assist us and authentic Meditation is an essential in today’s world. To be really effective in our pursuits, we also need to consider some Study of worthwhile origin, particularly as to the mechanics and operation of our Mind and Psychological foundations. Some people choose to extend this even further into Spiritual Studies.

About The Mind & Serial Thinking

Malcolm has seen and believes that the process of ‘serial thinking’ in the Mind is possibly the single most primary cause of mental inefficiency today, and consequently can be remedied with specific studies and proper Meditation. It is very possible that the current obsession with absorbing a wide and random diet of content from electronic screen devices, and the regular use of their programs, is the single greatest cause of much of modern mental inefficiency & breakdown. These programmed devices induce the Mind to function in a certain way and it is this serial way of thinking which Malcolm believes lies at the root of many modern mental and psychological problems. These problems then lead on into the many modern breakdown problems and corruption in the world; organic, environmental, institutional, social, economic, political, and in governance. The outer problems are a function of inner individual breakdown, on every level.

This does not mean we are required to abandon the screen devices and the information gleaned there. It does mean however that we are obliged to learn the counterbalance remedies of thought, feeling and will which will allow consciousness to transcend what is really a primitive outmoded way of thinking and information gathering & processing.

If some awareness of the mind’s and soul’s proper function is gained through authentic Meditation & Study, and an understanding is gained as to how the mind works in a holistic way, the internal reintegration can be initiated very successfully.

Stop merely ‘drinking in’ the scenes, stop the serial thinking process, and many problems are automatically solved. Continue to just soak up data, continue with serial thinking, fail to properly analyse & process, fail to learn Meditation and to Study the way in which an integrated mind works, and individual problems deepen and magnify. As the individual disintegrates, social and governmental systems, the environment, our world, and so much more also disintegrate.

About Tuition

Malcolm believes that individual tuition is the best way to learn authentic Meditation and to Study its deeper disciplines. Individual tuition may also be extended in a personal way to small groups and organisations of interested persons. Short Meditation Courses in specific disciplines and stages of development are also a useful way to gain insight into progressive methods and advanced practices. Special Meditation Retreats and Day Workshops are also a valuable way to deepen individual Meditation skills and ability.

Ultimately both clear comprehensive Study & instruction along with a regular Meditation practice are the keys.